1:1 coaching session


Hello I’m Fiona and I’m here to help you deeply connect to your Self.

Welcome beautiful one, I am so glad you have found your way here. I have a feeling you’ve been guided here for a reason; I wholeheartedly believe there is no such things as coincidences, just little loving nudges from the universe letting you know you are ready for something more.

It’s time to follow the whispers of your heart and the yearnings of your soul.

Are you ready to lovingly, compassionately, willingly and openly dive in to discover new ways.

Are you ready to commit deeply to the inner work required for your personal growth and the changes you have been seeking.

And are you ready to value and accept yourself for who you are and rediscover your light.



— You put energy into what others need, while forgetting or not understanding your own needs?

— You’ve lost sight of what YOU truly value in life?

— You’re struggling to love yourself, lack confidence and let your inner critical voice put you down, telling you your not good enough nor worthy?

— You suffer from self-sabotage and have patterns and stories that keep getting in the way of real growth?

— You get this niggling feeling like things just aren’t as connected and aligned as you desire?

— You find yourself feeling unhappy about different areas of your life?

— Maybe you feel stuck and you’re just so tired, stressed and overwhelmed that you don’t even know what needs your focus first, let alone how to change anything?

Does this resonate? If so, you are certainly NOT alone!

For many years I lived unconscious and I struggled to even get through each day. my life was more about surviving rather than thriving and I have allowed ALL these things to get in my way, even now they pop up again FROM TIME TO TIME because that’s the beauty of the human experience; we are forever growing and evolving but I am here to help guide and support YOU in gaining more awareness and understanding within your own journey so you too can live a life that feels more connected, intentional, aligned and inspired.

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DISCOVER HOW MY 1:1 coaching session CAN HELP YOU!

We frequently overthink, over complicate and cloud our own perspective with our own “stuff”. This can leave us feeling disconnected, dis-empowered, anxious, insecure and lacking a sense of Self.

I am here to help you reconnect by guiding your journey inward; recognizing different areas of growth and uncovering any undiscovered challenges that are preventing you from truly loving yourself and living a fulfilling, wholesome and aligned life.

Each session involves diving right into the details of who you are, your values, what your ideal life looks like and as we peel back the layers we can identify any blocks, uncertainties, limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging mindsets, outdated patterns, or any resistance that might be holding you back. Change only happens once we first become aware.

I will provide insights, guidance and tools to help you get clear, take action and feel connected and confident within yourself and your life.

I want to support you to connect to your inner wisdom, deeply love and value yourself, navigating your fears and start creating a life you love.


my intuition is my super power and for me it’s about asking the right questions, the ones that spark deep thought and reveal things you’ve never thought about before.


whats included.

I will hold space for you while guiding you through a series of questions and opening up a discussion about what you are currently feeling or experiencing in your life. This is an opportunity to get real and honest so you can begin to release and shift destructive mindsets that are no longer serving you.

I will use ritual elements, including crystal energy and an oracle card reading during our session to allow further guidance, clarity and insights.

I will share resources such as journaling prompts and questions for you to dive deeper into, offer recommendations for crystals & essential oil to work with following our session to further support you.


We don’t always invest enough time, energy and space for ourselves which has us living in auto pilot and completely disconnected from the things that truly matter.. Are you ready for real change?



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