our story

Hi there, I’m Fiona the creative behind Kindred + Create.

Truth be told, Kindred + Create is the creative love child that was born from my deep desire to bring people together, to build a community that is inclusive and supportive, to share stories, feel deep resonance and hear the echos of ‘me too’ because sometimes it feels like we are tackling life alone but we are never ever truly alone in this world.

The studio was designed with the purpose to be a safe place to retreat to, one that nourishes your mind, body and soul. A place where you can connect with like minded folk, discover and learn something new. A place for fun and creativity and most importantly a place where you belong.

Spending the last 10 years moving around far too many times, to finally settling down where my soul feels at home in the beautiful town of Ballarat, my intention for Kindred + Create has always been community first.


The vision

I truly believe in the importance of connection so the aim was to provide a supportive space that’s inviting, loving and safe to simply be.

Creating a sacred sanctuary that combines creativity, soul and well being under one roof. A place to gather and enjoy a range of workshops, events and gathering circles.

A lot of love and passion has been poured into the Kindred + Create studio, it has been weaved together with intentional details, big hopes, a lot of soul and my hope is that you may find sweet refuge here from the stresses of daily life.

Bringing this vision to life has been truly incredible and I’m so excited to finally share it with you!


We hope to see you at Kindred+Create soon.


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